You know your reputation is in trouble when…

09.03.2011 § Leave a comment

… when a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that blacks out all mentions of you comes out. This just happened to actor Charlie Sheen, who, after a few controversies and public meltdowns, has won a Guinness World Record for reaching 1 million Twitter followers in the shortest time. He managed to do it in a little over 25 hours. And now apparently he is everywhere. Everyone in show biz and mass media wants a piece of him, because he takes ratings straight through the roof.

It’s funny how bad-ass characters always get more attention and are more attractive to general audiences than the nice ones. Colin Firth just one an Oscar for a great performance in The King’s Speech, but Charlie Sheen did drugs, went to a rehabilitation clinic and had a public fight with a TV producer. Of course Charlie tops Colin in the public eye.

Sometimes I think we are all such a bunch of hypocrites. We love to hear other people’s bad news, we are drawn by bad-asses, and yet we talk about how company X or Y is not doing the right thing, is not behaving ethically. We hate the corporate Charlie Sheens but can’t get enough of the individuals.


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